Emma + Erkan / Gökova Düğün Fotoğrafçılığı

Güncelleme tarihi: Nis 27

When Erkan, the groom reached me out and asked for me to capture their wedding day, it was early spring in Istanbul. He gave me some details such as wedding location, date etc. When he mentioned about Gökova I was already thrilled because it is one of my favourite places for vacation - I mean ever! :)

So when the time has come, me and my team were there to witness this beautiful destination wedding by Aegean Sea. Well, it was kinda destination wedding because Erkan was from Gökova and Emma was from UK :)

It was a late summer day in september and the sun was bright and warm in Akyaka. From the location of the wedding hotel to the weather and the general atmosphere of the day was so good. The best of them was to see the love in their eyes when they looked each others.

Dear Emma and Erkan; we wish you a wonderful life time together and may the life bring everything you wish for.